It's not clear why Linux fans would even want to run it on a PS3, "when a console is NOTHING but 'DRM... in a box'" says Slashdot blogger hairyfeet. "Even when [Sony] allowed Linux you didn't get access to the full machine -- no GPU access -- which left it an underpowered POWER based PC."
Never get between a geek and a processor" would be an excellent maxim for tech companies to live by, but it's one that gets ignored again and again.

Take Sony's (NYSE: SNE) latest misguided move. Not only is it what inspired Montreal consultant and Slashdot blogger Gerhard Mack to utter those sage words, but it's also what has now prompted George Hotz -- author of the original hack into the PS3 -- to vow he'll craft yet another hack to get around its latest firmware update.

"A note to people interested in the exploit and retaining OtherOS support Learn how SugarCRM will improve your business. Free Trial. Click here., DO NOT UPDATE," Hotz wrote in a follow-up post last week. "I will look into a safe way of updating to retain OtherOS support, perhaps something like Hellcat's Recovery Flasher."

Apparently addressing Sony, Hotz added, "I never intended to touch CFW, but if that's how you want to play... "

In the meantime, "my investigation into 3.21 has begun," he wrote.

The link for this article located at LinuxInsider is no longer available.