The Wireshark development team, led by Gerald Combs, has released three new versions of the Wireshark network protocol analyser. The big change in the stable main version 1.2.3 is that it now contains WinPcap 4.1.1, making it fully Windows 7 friendly. It also fixes a few bugs, some of which could cause Wireshark to crash and were therefore categorised as security-related.
Users who are still using an older version of Wireshark from the 1.0 series (old stable) should find fewer bugs in Wireshark 1.0.10 which has been released alongside 1.2.3. No further changes will be made to WinPcap and other components in the old stable branch. The not-yet stable development version 1.3.1 now supports Python scripting and displays packet lists faster, thanks to a new implementation.

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