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How Hacktivism Affects Us All


In December 2010, a group of nearly 3000 activists under the name "Operation Payback" launched online attacks against PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa, briefly knocking the three financial services' sites offline and preventing consumers from accessing ATMs or online banking services.

Lessons learned from a recent Amazon outage


Another Amazon cloud-services outage occurred on Sunday, August 7th in a Dublin, Ireland data center. This one occurred due to a lightning strike that hit a transformer near the Dublin data center. It led to an explosion and fire that knocked out all utility services thereby leading to a total data center outage. Amazon had its only European data center located there.

Firms still lack faith in cloud security for their data


BLACK BOX CLOUD DEPLOYMENTS are being shunned by firms looking to backup data due to security concerns. Cloud deployments, which have gained popularity in the past five years through the promise of accessing seemingly unlimited resources conjured up out of thin air, are being shunned for use as redundant storage due to fears about data security.

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