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Top 10 Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking in 2023


Ethical hacking is a proactive approach using the same techniques like the same programming languages as malicious hacking. Ethical hackers must stay current on IT security as well as the latest methods and programming languages used by attackers. Three of the best programming languages for Ethical Hacking are PHP, Python, and SQL.

7 Key Benefits of Network Monitoring


Businesses rely on their networks to stay connected and productive. When something goes wrong with the network, it can cause significant disruptions in workflow. That's why it's essential to have a network monitoring system to help you detect and fix problems before they cause any damage. This post will discuss seven key benefits of network monitoring.

Log4j Flaw Needs Immediate Remediation


After nearly two years of adopting major network and security changes wrought by COVID-19 and hybrid work, weary IT network and security teams didn’t need another big issue to take care of, but they have one: Stemming potential damage from the recently disclosed vulnerability in open source Java-logging Apache Log4j software.  

WireGuard VPN is a step closer to mainstream adoption


Linux network stack maintainerDavid Millerhascommittedthe WireGuard VPN project into the Linux "net-next" source tree. Miller maintains bothnetandnet-next—the source trees governing the current implementation of the Linux kernel networking stack and the implementation of thenextLinux kernel's networking stack, respectively. Learn more:

The VPN is dying, long live zero trust


The traditional VPN is being replaced by a smarter, safer approach to network security that treats everyone as equally untrusted. Learn more about zero trust and how getting started with a zero-trust security model could improve your business's security posture:

VPNs' Future: Less Reliant on Users, More Transparent, And Smarter


Interested in what the future has in store for VPNs? Virtual private networking is poised to become more automated and intelligent, especially as endpoints associated with cloud services and the IoT need protection. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this article. Market consolidation, transparent operation, greater intelligence: If this were Jeopardy, here's where you'd say, "What's the future of the VPN market look like?" Then you'd be on to Technology Forecasts for $500. What isn't in question is that virtual private networking technology will remain critical to protecting users, organizations, and their data. What is changing, according to industry experts, is the degree of automation and intelligence in VPN technology, not to mention the degree to which VPN functionality resides less in the hands of users (consistently cited as secure networking's weakest link) and more on the back end of the network. But continued growth of cloud services and the Internet of Things (Iot) means secure connectivity will still be needed.