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OpenSSF is excited to announce the Alpha-Omega Project to improve the security posture of open source software (OSS) through direct engagement of software security experts and automated security testing. Microsoft and Google are supporting the Alpha-Omega Project with an initial investment of $5 million.


Alan Shimel: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another segment for Techstrong TV. My guest today is Brian Behlendorf. Brian is with the Open Source Security Foundation – that’s the OSSF. The Open Source Security Foundation, of course, is part of the Linux Foundation and it was – it’s a relatively new organization. It was – was it announced at KubeCon – CNCFCon back in, I guess, September, was that, Brian?

Brian Behlendorf: We announced kind of the second generation of the project in October. The project has been around for about a year longer than that – actually just over that as a collaboration between some things that Microsoft had started and Google had started. The Linux Foundation said, “Let’s put this in the same pod” and a tremendous community of volunteers stepped up to do all sorts of things and get plates spinning on top of poles. And then, around about October we realized, hey, there’s some places where spending some money would be helpful and here’s a whole bunch of companies willing to come in as sponsors and really fund some of that work. And so, that also freed me up to be able to focus full time on it as well.

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