Pwn2Own is a famous contest held in CansecWest Conference. Every year there is a big reward for researchers who finds exploitable bugs in popular browser and OS and also in mobile devices like iPhone. For the past two years the Pwn2Own contest champion was Charlie Miller (0xcharlie on Twitter), one of the most famous bug hunter and security expert in the world.
Pwn2Own 2010 will will be held over the course of three days starting on March 24th, so, we decided to interview Charlie Miller (italian version here) and here are his anwers:

You won, for two years, Pwn2Own contest hacking Safari on Mac OS X. Will Safari and Mac be your targets for the Pwn2Own 2010 contest as well?

Everything is my target at this point. I

The link for this article located at OneITSecurity is no longer available.