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The Linux Foundation's InterUSS network remote identification service (NET-RID), built in partnership with AirMap, the Swiss Federal Office Civil Aviation, Swiss U-Space Implementation and Wing, delivers on government requirements two years early.

InterUSS, a Linux Foundation open source project that enables trusted, secure and scalable interoperability to advance safe, equitable and efficient drone operations, today announced the launch of the network remote identification service (NET-RID). The new feature meets the European U-Space Regulation established by the European Union Safety Council, which will be enforced beginning January 2023.

Switzerland is the first country to fully implement the network remote identification service, which can be used by any drone operator and was developed in collaboration among the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI) membersand Wing (represented on the InterUSS board) to support information sharing about drone operations in the Swiss airspace.