2.Motherboard Esm W900

It's been two weeks since the release of LLVM 15.0 and its sub-projects like Clang 15.0 so per their rapid release rhythm, LLVM 15.0.1 is out with the initial batch of fixes.

LLVM 15.0 introduced a number of security mitigations, new C and C++ features being worked on for the latest specs, experimental Microsoft HLSL / DirectX support, RISC-V updates, more OpenMP 5.1 functionality, an HTTP server for debuginfod, initial SPIR-V back-end integration, AMDGPU GFX11 work, and an assortment of other new compiler features. Meanwhile with today's LLVM 15.0.1 are 32 changes that made it into this first point release over the original feature release.

As for the changes found new to LLVM 15.0.1, there are a number of random fixes throughout the code-base from addressing problems found with Clang to Compiler-RT, clang-format, test problems, and other alterations. The complete list of LLVM 15.0.1 changes can be found via LLVM.org. LLVM 15.0.1 source and binaries can be downloaded from GitHub.


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