Linus Torvalds merged to Linux 6.3 Git the TPM CRB support for Microsoft's controversial Pluton security co-processor that is initially found in the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

Since AMD introduced Ryzen 6000 series mobile SoCs with Microsoft Pluton at the start of 2022, users have been concerned over this security co-processor. Linux continues to work fine on these latest AMD SoCs while now for Linux 6.3 the Pluton's TPM CRB interface is being exposed.

This work that has been merged for Linux 6.3 exposes Pluton's TPM2 Command Response Buffer (CRB) as the standardized interface from the OS to communicate with the Trusted Platform Module. Some changes to the Linux kernel's tpm_crb driver were needed to get the Pluton TPM2 CRB working. This enablement work was carried out by Linux security researcher Matthew Garrett.