Along with the broader industry trend of transitioning security-sensitive code to memory-safe languages like Rust, there has been an effort to  write a Rust-based replacement to GNU Coreutils. For nearly a year that Rust Coreutils has been able to run a basic Debian system while more recently they have been increasing their level of GNU Coreutils compatibility and in some cases now even outperforming the upstream project.

GNU Coreutils provides some of the common and important command-line tools on Linux systems and other platforms. The GNU Core Utilities include commonly-used commands like cat, ls, rm, chmod, mkdir, wc, whoami, and dozens of others. Sylvestre Ledru and other developers have been working on a Rust-based Coreutils to gut out the C code and instead use this modern programming language priding itself on memory safety and security.

Ledru posted an update today on Rust Coreutils, which recently saw its v0.0.12 release. There are now dozens of contributors each month contributing 400+ patches to this effort.