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SpiralLinux is the working person's Linux. Here's why you should give it a try.

SpiralLinux isn't the most popular kid in school. It's also not the prettiest, the smartest, or the one that always gets noticed. If you're a fan of The Middle, consider it the "Sue Heck" of Linux distributions. It's there, always there, and always positive, always trying, and always being its genuine self. 

But why would you want to work with a distribution that isn't showy or offers features to make it stand out in any way?

  • Because it's reliable. 
  • Because it's stable.
  • Because it's secure.
  • Because it's simple. 

SpiralLinux is that operating system. It's one you can use without ever worrying you'll spiral out of control because your computer isn't doing what it should.

Now, ask yourself this question, "Why wouldn't you want to use such an operating system?"

There are two things about SpiralLinux that make it such an average but highly dependable operating system. First, it's based on Debian, which happens to be one of the more stable OSes on the market. One of the reasons for that is it only ships with stable software. You won't find bleeding-edge releases here. Case in point, LibreOffice. On my daily OS (Ubuntu Budgie), I'm running LibreOffice version The latest release of SpiralLinux ships with version, which is still supported and very stable.