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Fighting the new electronic war


In 1992, Lance Spitzner joined the U.S. Army with a single goal in mind: to become a tank officer. Ever since childhood, he had loved learning about tanks, and the Army gave him an opportunity to get up-close and personal with . . .

IBM Dream: Self-Policing Networks


Imagine a world where complicated computer networks need little or no interaction with humans: a world where computers can update and maintain their own systems, shield themselves from misfortune caused by human error and acts of nature, and fiercely protect themselves . . .

PGP Security's NAI Labs Partner With National Security Agency to Develop Secure Linux


NAI today announced they are joining with the National Security Agency (NSA) and its other partners to further develop the NSA's Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) prototype. The $1.2 million will be paid over the life of the two-year contract, and the work will focus on research and development to improve the security of open-source operating system platforms, the core of Internet infrastructures that have become business critical in today's economy.. . .