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Standards Group Updates Privacy Proposal


The W3C is working on creating a consistent means to find information on a site's security policy. "With a key proof-of-concept event looming in June, the leaders of a World Wide Web Consortium working group on Tuesday outlined changes . . .

OpenBSD perfects security by one-upmanship


Upside has a great article on the security merits of OpenBSD, the operating system developed with security as a specific focus. "... when it comes to OpenBSD, the open-source operating system that for the last three years has built . . .

Zope Lassos Pesky Trojan


Zope Weekly News has reported a problem with its security model that appears to be potentially pervasive and not necessarily Zope-specific. This is the first installation in a three-part series on Zope's efforts to rein in the trojan, which will . . .