Companies that established open-source program offices over the last few years now need more C-suite oversight to drive education, awareness, and use of open-source software. That sets the stage for an expanded role of open-source program officers.

Incorporating open-source technology brings organizations an ecosystem that expands the user base, resulting in loyalty and stickiness. It also brings the need for more executive oversight of open-source initiatives. Staying on top of open-source security best practice is critically important, and disclosing and patching vulnerabilities is essential. 

Javier Perez, the chief open-source evangelist at Perforce, sees a trend unfolding in 2023 to drive open source. More organizations will realize that open-source software is critical to their operation and will move from being consumers to participants with increased use and adoption for business-critical infrastructure.

He noted that all software now contains open-source components, but some companies do not even realize how much open source they use.

More businesses are no longer just consumers of open source. They are becoming active contributors, evangelizing, and educating their engineering teams. So, whether using fully open-source or commercial products with embedded open-source code, organizations need to pay more attention to their software license management.