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IceFire has changed up its OS target in recent cyberattacks, emblematic of ransomware actors increasingly targeting Linux enterprise networks, despite the extra work involved.

In recent weeks, hackers have been deploying the "IceFire" ransomware against Linux enterprise networks, a noted shift for what was once a Windows-only malware. 

report from SentinelOne published today suggests that this may represent a budding trend. Ransomware actors have been targeting Linux systems more than ever in cyberattacks in recent weeks and months, notable not least because "in comparison to Windows, Linux is more difficult to deploy ransomware against, particularly at scale," Alex Delamotte, security researcher at SentinelOne, tells Dark Reading.

But why, if Linux makes their job more difficult, would ransomware actors be moving increasingly toward it?

The link for this article located at Dark Reading is no longer available.