Open Source Security Esm W900

Some people still think that open-source software security is inferior. However, security experts feel that it sets the bar for what computing security should be. "Open source is inherently more secure for the reason that patches, fixes and updates come immediately, and sometimes from competing sources."


Back in the old days there was a lot of FUD about Linux and open source software security. This mostly came from proprietary software vendors afraid of competing with "free," led by Microsoft, which also added numerous total cost of ownership studies it had commissioned "proving" that free software was much costlier than paying for expensive proprietary licenses when hidden costs were figured into the mix.

These days, Microsoft has changed its tune and has become one of the largest distributors of Linux and other open source products on the planet (and one of the largest contributors of code upstream). It's also one of the largest developers of open source software worldwide and a major source of funding for the Linux Foundation.

Microsoft is not alone in this move from enemy to user to active contributor to open source projects.