13.Lock StylizedMotherboard Esm W900

A newly discovered vulnerability in Bluetooth affects Android, Apple, and Linux devices and could be used to inject keystrokes into devices using a man-in-the-middle attack.

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must be within range of the target device, which is generally less than 30 feet. However, there are ways for attackers to increase the range of their attacks by using other wireless technologies like Wi-Fi or cellular networks. 

The most dangerous attack would involve injecting random characters into text fields on websites users visit with these affected operating systems. This could cause websites to display gibberish when viewed through a browser on one of these devices. The user would not realize anything was wrong until they tried to type something into their browser. At that point, they might notice that it wasn't responding correctly or behaving strangely—which could lead them back into danger if they visit another site!

I found the article linked below helpful in understanding the details of this flaw and how it can be mitigated. Check it out!