Linux does, occasionally, raise security concerns. While many users see it as the most secure, robust and versatile OS available, security precautions still have to be taken. Linus Torvalds' recent bug warning is a testament to the importance of taking a proactive, vigilant approach to security.

A recent, widely publicized case illustrated this point; Linux creator himself, Linus Torvalds, warned against the use of the Linux 5.12 release. He described a “nasty bug,” and wrote that the situation is a “mess,” due to the use of swap files when adding Linux updates. This nasty bug, in fact, had the potential to destroy entire root directories.

Some of the main takeaways following this “mess” include: tread very carefully when installing early Linux releases, especially those that involve swapping files instead of partitions, and especially, despite Linux’s well-known security advantages, avoid becoming complacent, because Linux security is not always foolproof.