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Learn about 10 great open-source tools to improve the security of your Linux servers heading into 2022.

Since I started learning about computers I have heard many experienced users saying Linux is impenetrable, Linux offers the best security, and such. It is partly true that Linux offers various security measures which mitigate attacks and stop hackers from breaching your system network. But you should also understand that just by deploying Linux on your server or PC you are not done yet, you have to configure all the necessary tools and apps. As the security features are not enabled by default, and if you are scared of network breaches and security leaks, then this should be the first thing you should be doing after installing the Linux OS.

Remember your security system always depends on the tools you use, it’s the tools’ features that sniff out any malware in the system, prevent security breaches from happening, and find out vulnerabilities to deploy countermeasures. In short, the cybersecurity for a network or terminal is based on the tools, not on the default security measures of the OS.