Network Operating CenterNOC

Thanks to my buddy Duane Dunston, MS, Assistant Professor of Information Security, Champlain College for sending this in. Duane tells me this is just the start - they'll have much more, including a security guide in the future.

The Unix Test Lab Guide (UTLG) Project is designed to explain how to configure services and software in context to a real network. There are many website tutorials and forums where you can find solutions to various technical problems. There are guides that explain how to setup a service such as DHCP or DNS. However, it often requires reviewing multiple websites to understand how those all work together.

This project is inspired by the The Linux Documentation Project and the Microsoft Test Lab Guides. Specifically, the Microsoft TLG site has a wealth of information on configuring various Microsoft services. What is unique is that all guides start with a base configuration - the Base Test Lab Guide. That is the starting network that should be referenced when learning how to incorporate a service. That helps to provide reference and context to how it integrates into an existing infrastructure. This is similar to what we are wanting to achieve with the UTLGs.