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FTP is a standard protocol that is used to transfer files widely, and FTP servers like Vsftpd and ProFTPd provide a way to use that protocol and access plus transfer files stored on a remote server. Here we quickly learn the difference between Vsftpd and ProFTPd.

vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) is a GPL-licensed FTP server software developed to provide a secure but fast way to transfer files. It is popular among Linux users because of its simplicity and efficient use of system resources. That’s the reason why most Linux distros such as Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and more offer this FTP server package to install directly from the base repository of the system. Learn – How to install VSFTPD to Setup FTP Server on Ubuntu 22.04.


ProFTPd (Pro FTP daemon) is also an open-source FTP server just like Vsftpd but comes highly customizable and extensible. It offers a wide range of advanced features like virtual hosts, SSL/TLS encryption, and LDAP authentication. It is designed to be a highly feature-rich FTP server.