Offensive Security has announced the release of Kali Linux 2021.2 as the latest version of this Debian-based distro for ethical hacking and penetration testing. This release comes with a selection of new tools, and Raspberry Pi improvements. Learn the details.

Kali Linux 2021.2 comes about three months after the previous release (Kali Linux 2021.1) and introduces numerous changes, starting with Kali Tweaks, an in-house built text-mode utility to make it easier for newcomers to configure their brand new Kali Linux installation.

With Kali Tweaks, you can install or remove groups of tools (a.k.a. metapackages), enable or disable repositories (e.g. bleeding-edge or experimental), set up Bash or ZSH as the default shell, switch between two or one line prompts and enable or disable the extra line before the prompt, or improve your virtualization experience.