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Kali and ParrotOS are two Linux distros that are great for security pros. They're both versatile, and they're both based on Debian. But they differ in some key ways, especially in their default configurations.

Kali is a security-focused distribution focusing on auditing, penetration testing, and forensics. It comes preloaded with many tools for these purposes, including Metasploit for testing vulnerabilities on network hosts and Wireshark for analyzing network traffic. Kali also can run virtual machines (VMs) of other operating systems, so it can be used to test against multiple types of environments simultaneously.

ParrotOS is more focused on being a general-use desktop distribution than Kali is. It's designed primarily as an alternative to Ubuntu's Unity interface and comes with its own desktop environment called IceWM (which has been around since 1995). ParrotOS also has several applications preinstalled by default that make it easier for new users to get started using Linux—including things like LibreOffice and Firefox browser software—but it doesn't have any tools specifically geared toward security professionals as Kali does.

Check out the article linked below for more details on how these two distros compare and how to install them. Are you using one of these distros? How has your experience been? Reach out to me on X @lnxsec - I'd love to hear!