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A sharp eye for security


Companies that believe their networks can be completely protected by a phalanx of add-on security products may be in for a rude awakening. Underlying vulnerabilities, embedded and unseen many layers down in network infrastructures, may be unwitting invitations to even moderately . . .

Ssh! Don't use that trademark


For security-conscious system administrators, three letters have become a household word when it comes to securing remote computers: SSH. SSH, which is derived from the term "secure shell," is a set of standards for encrypting the commands and data sent . . .

Updated Supported SuSE Distro List


Effective Monday, March 19 2001, five weeks after the release of the new SuSE-7.1 distribution, SuSE will discontinue support for the SuSE-linux distributions SuSE-6.0 SuSE-6.1 and SuSE-6.2.. . .