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Security Highlights from Defcon 26 - Defcon 26 provided individuals and organizations with valuable tips and insight on security and the latest and most effective defenses. Here are some security-related highlights from the event.

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(Sep 2)

Nearly all IT decision makers believe that protecting machine identities is as important or more important that human identity management, but most struggle to deliver that protection, according to a new Forrester study.

(Sep 4)

Banking malware, including Trojans which steal your online credentials and screen grabbers, usually place heavy emphasis on remaining undetected for as long a period of time as possible.

(Sep 3)

The Five Eyes allies have threatened to introduce legislation if technology providers don't help them to break end-to-end encryption in specific cases where private info is sought on suspects.

Possible Satori botnet hacker indicted by Feds (Sep 3)

A 20 year-old man has been indicted for computer crimes by a federal court in Alaska. Evidence suggests that he could be linked to the Satori botnet that exploited a previously unknown bug in a Huawei router.

Thousands of MikroTik routers are snooping on user traffic (Sep 5)

In yet another case of unpatched consumer devices representing a threat to the security and privacy of users, thousands of MikroTik have been uncovered which are eavesdropping on users.

(Sep 4)

The South African Department of Labour has confirmed a recent cyberattack which disrupted the government agency's website.

(Sep 2)

Even though the majority of companies across the globe have implemented cybersecurity standards, a new report from IT Governance USA found that companies still believe they are the likely target of an attack.

(Sep 5)

Dutch security researcher Willem de Groot, who's particularly interested in security problems on online payment sites, recently wrote about a long-running Magento malware campaign.

ICO Breach Reports Jump 75% as Human Error Dominates (Sep 4)

The volume of data breach incidents reported to the UK's watchdog over the past two years increased 75% as organizations geared up for the new data protection regime, according to a new FOI request.

(Sep 7)

These are the worst known cyberattacks which are believed to be the work of hackers backed by governments and ruling parties worldwide.

Open Source Summit: Innovation, Allies, and Open Development (Sep 6)

August was an exciting month for Linux and open source, with the release of Linux kernel 4.18, a new ebook offering practical advice for enterprise open source, and the formation of the Academy Software Foundation. And, to cap it off, we ended the month with a successful Open Source Summit event highlighting open source innovation at every level and featuring keynote presentations from Linus Torvalds, Van Jones, Jim Zemlin, Jennifer Cloer, and many others.

How a data request turned into a data breach (Sep 6)

The process was smooth enough, with the right safeguards apparently in place.