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Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: Linux Server Security: A Getting Started Guide and IoT Security Vulnerabilities are Ubiquitous: How To Secure Your Router and Your Linux System Now. We also examine various topics including SSH protocol and the 10 best rolling release Linux distros. Happy Monday - and happy reading!

Linux Server Security: A Getting Started Guide - Are your Linux servers secure? No machine connected to the internet is 100% secure, of course. In the words of security guru Bruce Schneier: Security is a process, not a product. However, this doesn't mean that you are helpless. Although cyber attacks, hacks and breaches are sometimes unavoidable, all system administrators and users can take definitive measures to mitigate their risk online. 

IoT Security Vulnerabilities are Ubiquitous: How To Secure Your Router and Your Linux System Now - The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing, connecting more devices each day. It is projected that by 2025, the world will have an astounding 64 billion IoT devices .

  The What, Why & How of SSH Protocol (Sep 11)

"Modern challenges require modern security approaches." Enterprises must transition to using passwordless solutions in order to protect against emerging threats " which is where SSH key-based authentication comes in handy. Learn about the SSH protocol in this comprehensive article.

  Hidden Linux kernel security fixes spotted before release – by using developer chatter as a side channel (Sep 7)

Security researchers have found that they can detect Linux kernel security fixes before they are released - information that could be used by malicious hackers to develop and deploy exploit code before patches are widely available.

  Zorin OS 15.3 Officially Launched (Sep 9)

Zorin OS 15.3 - an "enhanced version of the most advanced and popular release ever" - has officially launched with important refinements and security updates. 

  Linux servers and workstations are hackers' next target, security researchers warn (Sep 10)

Malicious hackers and are developing more tools to target Linux-based systems used by government and big business.

  The advantages of using Linux (Sep 7)

Radenta Technologies Inc., a Filipino-owned computing technology company, explains the benefits of usng Linux: "Companies and individuals select Linux for their servers for its security, flexibility and robustness, complemented by excellent support".

  China presents ‘global standard for data security’ (Sep 8)

As tensions between the U.S. and China heighten over data security issues, the Chinese government has taken a proactive step to protect users' privacy with a data security initiative that it believes can serve as a global standard for data security.

  Cyber security is next frontier for open source (Sep 11)

According to IBM, open security will facilitate the interoperability and capabilities of cyber security tools while alleviating vendor lock-in for enterprises. 

  The 10 Best Rolling Release Linux Distributions (Sep 14)

Learn about 10 great rolling release Linux distros in this helpful guide.