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Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: Securing a Linux Web Server: A Primer and Best File and Disk Encryption Tools For Linux. We also examine various topics including the new BLESA Bluetooth security vulnerability leaving billions of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Linux-based IoT devices at risk of attack and how to install and use gocryptfs to encrypt files on your Linux servers - demonstrated in a helpful tutorial. Happy Monday - and happy reading!

Securing a Linux Web Server: A Primer - Over the next couple of weeks and months, LinuxSecurity editors and contributors will be writing a series on Linux Web Server Security. This week, were summarizing the risks Linux administrators face when trying to secure their systems, as well as outlining the first steps that should be taken toward ensuring that your systems are secure. This series will dive deeper into topics including preventing information leakage, firewall considerations, protecting file and directory permissions, securely running PHP applications, monitoring logs and how to verify the security of a Linux server.

Best File and Disk Encryption Tools For Linux - Most of us are familiar with Microsoft Windows or macOS - these OSes dominate the personal computing space. But the OS that is taking over the world isnt owned by Microsoft, Apple, or any tech company for that matter. In fact, the most popular OS in the world today isnt owned by anyone. Its the completely open-source Linux operating system.

  The 10 Best Rolling Release Linux Distributions (Sep 14)

Learn about 10 great rolling release Linux distros in this helpful guide.

  SSH Attack Vector: Dormant & Forgotten Keys (Sep 16)

SSH keys play a critical role in server and network security, yet are too often overlooked by admins, IT professionals and security teams.

  What's new in the Linux kernel (Sep 15)

After all these years, Linux kernel core developers keep innovating. New kernel versions will be faster and more stable.

  The new BLESA Bluetooth security flaw can keep billions of devices vulnerable (Sep 18)

Billions of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Linux-based IoT devices are now using Bluetooth software stacks that are potentially susceptible a new security flaw. Titled as BLESA (Bluetooth Low Energy Spoofing Attack), the vulnerability impacts devices running the  Bluetooth Low Energy  (BLE) protocol.