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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2021-0024: awstats security update


It was discovered that Awstats was vulnerable to path traversal attacks. A remote unauthenticated attacker could leverage that to perform arbitrary code execution. The previous fix did not fully address the issue when the default /etc/awstats/awstats.conf is not present (CVE-2020-29600).

Mageia 2021-0022: krb5 security update


MIT Kerberos 5 (aka krb5) before 1.17.2 allows unbounded recursion via an ASN.1-encoded Kerberos message because the lib/krb5/asn.1/asn1_encode.c support for BER indefinite lengths lacks a recursion limit (CVE-2020-28196). References:

Mageia 2021-0021: guava security update


A temp directory creation vulnerability exist in Guava versions prior to 30.0 allowing an attacker with access to the machine to potentially access data in a temporary directory created by the Guava The permissions granted to the directory created default to the standard unix-like /tmp ones, leaving the

Mageia 2021-0020: tomcat security update


While investigating Apache issue 64830 it was discovered that Apache Tomcat could re-use an HTTP request header value from the previous stream received on an HTTP/2 connection for the request associated with the subsequent stream. While this would most likely lead to an error and the closure of the HTTP/2 connection, it is possible that information could leak between requests

Mageia 2021-0019: cherokee security update


Cherokee 0.4.27 to 1.2.104 is affected by a denial of service due to a NULL pointer dereferences. A remote unauthenticated attacker can crash the server by sending an HTTP request to protected resources using a malformed Authorization header that is mishandled during a cherokee_buffer_add call within cherokee_validator_parse_basic or cherokee_validator_parse_digest.

Mageia 2021-0018: golang security update


An input validation vulnerability was found in go. From a generated go file (from the cgo tool) it is possible to modify symbols within that object file and specify code instead. An attacker could potentially use this flaw by creating a repository which included malicious pre-built object files that could execute arbitrary code when downloaded and run via "go get" or "go build"

Mageia 2021-0016: xrdp security update


Ashley Newson discovered that the XRDP sessions manager was susceptible to denial of service. A local attacker can further take advantage of this flaw to impersonate the XRDP sessions manager and capture any user credentials that are submitted to XRDP, approve or reject arbitrary login credentials or to hijack existing sessions for xorgxrdp sessions (CVE-2020-4044).

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