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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2020-0459: sam2p security update


In sam2p 0.49.3, a heap-based buffer overflow exists in the pcxLoadImage24 function of the file in_pcx.cpp. (CVE-2017-14628). In sam2p 0.49.3, the in_xpm_reader function in in_xpm.cpp has an integer signedness error, leading to a crash when writing to an out-of-bounds array

Mageia 2020-0458: bitcoin security update


Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Bitcoin. In Bitcoin Core 0.18.0, bitcoin-qt stores wallet.dat data unencrypted in memory. Upon a crash, it may dump a core file. If a user were to mishandle a core file, an attacker can reconstruct the user's

Mageia 2020-0457: jupyter-notebook security update


Jupyter Notebook before version 6.1.5 has an Open redirect vulnerability. A maliciously crafted link to a notebook server could redirect the browser to a different website. All notebook servers are technically affected, however, these maliciously crafted links can only be reasonably made for known notebook server hosts. A link to your notebook server may appear safe, but ultimately redirect to a spoofed server on the public internet. (CVE-2020-26215) References: - -

Mageia 2020-0456: x11-server security update


A flaw was found in the X.Org Server. An out-of-bounds access in the XkbSetMap function may lead to a privilege escalation vulnerability. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality and integrity as well as system availability (CVE-2020-14360).

Mageia 2020-0451: python and python3 security update


It was discovered that incorrectly handled certain ZIP files. An attacker could possibly use this issue to cause a denial of service (CVE-2019-9674). It was discovered that Python documentation had a misleading information. A security issue could be possibly caused by wrong assumptions of this

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