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Businesses experienced around 130 attacks in network security in 2022. Companies must improve security, as this essential investment maintains GDPR compliance and client trust.

Additionally, keeping up-to-date with physical-cybersecurity trend strategies can be valuable to your cybersecurity health. This article will discuss how cyber and physical security blend, their role in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, and how to facilitate this cyber-physical security approach in modern climates. 

Physical Cyber Sec 1Why Is A Cyber-Physical Security Strategy Important?

Cyber-physical security prevents businesses from network security threats. Here are some reasons as to why physical and cybersecurity should blend rather than stay separate:

  • Cyber-physical security threats: Cyberattacks threaten your digital and physical security, so these tools must work together to combat hybrid attacks in network security.
  • Digital assets stored in company buildings: Physical security breaches and data theft could occur if companies physically store digital assets.
  • Cloud-based physical security data: Cloud-based security tools can save storage and improve security scalability. However, storing physical security data could result in network security issues like cloud security breaches and general exposure.

How To Blend Cyber And Physical Security For A Futureproof Strategy

Let’s discuss mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities by incorporating physical security into your online data and network security strategies. Here are a few best practices to consider:

Leverage Open-Source Intelligence to Manage Risk

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is collecting and analyzing data gathered from open sources to produce actionable intelligence. OSINT successfully converges and scales cyber and physical security to close dangerous coverage gaps, making it a favorite among security teams for providing critical information and threat intelligence. This service offers valuable insights into fake social media accounts misrepresenting or targeting executives and employees, negative sentiments or protests that could delay travel plans, and planned attacks in network security against physical assets. OSINT identifies vendors doing business with high-risk foreign nationals or nation-states. When appropriately executed, OSINT is a crucial decision and collaboration network security toolkit for business professionals in today's risk management landscape.

Lockdown Systems

Use cyber-physical security to contain network security threats related to logins. You can initiate a double lockdown if an intruder or employee enters the wrong credentials multiple times. The user’s login platform will shut down to prevent attempts that could lead to network security issues to protect your company from possible exploits in cybersecurity. Your door access keypad will bolt all locks to allow physical security teams to perform an investigation regarding the incident. This dual response mitigates attacks in network security that could occur if an individual entered your digital system with someone else’s.

Verifying On-Site Status

Prevent users from accessing company resources offsite by requiring them to enter business buildings through Access Control Systems with their keycard or fob. There are API integrations that verify a user so they can only access the company’s login system once their physical presence is validated. Then only on-site employees can reach your sensitive digital assets, lowering the risk of exposure and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Using Cybersecurity Policies In Your Physical Security Strategy

Physical Cyber Sec 2

Ensure protection over digital resources stored in your building by implementing physical security policies that can confirm data and network security for such resources. The zero-trust physical security policy prevents internal cloud security breaches by giving each user role-based permissions. Only a limited amount of data faces exposure if an account gets breached, thus protecting all employees in the company. Apply role-based access credentials so that on-site users can only access the buildings they need for daily operations and nothing more. Server and sensitive data rooms should install smart door locks so only high-level employees can enter.

Cybersecurity Protection For Physical Security Data

Here are the benefits of utilizing cloud-based physical security technologies in your online strategy:

  • Remote operation: Use mobile devices or cloud-based control centers to operate door locks and security cameras from anywhere.
  • Alerts and accessible data: Receive alerts about detected network security threats and view them on mobile devices before investigation.
  • Integration: Improve ROI by integrating different network security toolkits to eliminate data silos and enhance data and network security.

This strategy, however, comes with the risk of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that give third-party organizations more opportunities to successfully infiltrate your system and operate your security system as they choose. Implement cybersecurity software to keep your physical security data safe and secure.

Coordinating Cyber And Physical Security Teams

Coordinate your cyber and physical security teams to take a combined approach to data and network security. Since threats can simultaneously concern physical and cybersecurity, both teams must be aware of hazards or risks. Having the teams work together grants them accessible communication and collaboration, eliminating interdepartmental data silos that could hinder security operations. Reduce misunderstandings and heavy workloads by having these teams merge, helping you refine your company and save money that can be spent on other security investments.

AI And Analytics

Utilize AI and analytics to monitor your security data while merging cyber and physical security. Physical security professionals cannot view and monitor security data consistently for potential network security threats, so companies risk cybersecurity exploits if your team does not immediately take care of an incident. AI offers analytics software that notifies your team whenever an abnormality requires investigation. Such software allows you to expand your security camera functions to prevent a security breach rather than record it afterward.

Automated Workflows

Make your physical and cyber incident strategies more efficient and streamlined by investing in automated workflow software, which can help your security team respond to physical and cybersecurity vulnerabilities in line with a merged cyber-physical security strategy. Once detected, the system creates automated workflows based on your pre-established security response protocols, reducing the time and effort workers must spend on manual integration. Creating this system can strengthen your response to cyber and physical security issues, ensuring no gaps in your data and network security strategy.

Our Final Thoughts on How Physical Security Blends With Cybersecurity

The security world faces constant changes, and we must understand that physical and cybersecurity need to be combined rather than kept separate. To futureproof your security strategy and fortify your business against the modern threat climate, consider how cyber and physical security are linked and whether they can benefit your security health with cloud-based technologies, OSINT, and cyber-physical processes.