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Today, we have awesome news for the security-conscious Linux sysadmin: securing your systems by staying up-to-date on the latest advisories issued by your distro(s) just got easier and far more convenient with the creation of the @LS_advisories Twitter handle! LinuxSecurity Live Advisory Updates is a page that provides live updates on critical Linux security advisories issued by 15 popular Linux distros. The page is sponsored by LinuxSecurity.com (@lnxsec on Twitter) as a way to help admins monitor the latest advisory updates on Twitter.

Staying on top of the latest security advisories and applying updates as soon as they become available is critical in securing your critical systems and sensitive data against attacks in network security leading to downtime and compromise. Unpatched cybersecurity vulnerabilities are an easy way for adversaries to gain unauthorized access to systems and launch damaging exploits in cybersecurity including malware, ransomware, and rootkits. Following @LS_advisories on Twitter enables admins to make sure they are updating their systems as soon as security patching options are released before network security issues are exploited by attackers. 

To search for a list of all advisories posted to this feed for a specific distro, simply enter LS_Advisories followed by the name of the distro you would like to view advisories for in the Twitter search bar. For instance, if you want to view a list of all Fedora advisories posted to this feed, simply search “LS_Advisories Fedora”.

Registering as LinuxSecurity user, then subscribing to our Linux Advisory Watch newsletter and customizing your advisories for the distro(s) you use is another excellent way to stay on top of the latest, most significant network security threats impacting the data and network security of your systems.

We look forward to engaging with you on Linux Twitter, and hope that this account makes your Linux system administration easier, safer, and more efficient!