Thanks to the ongoing work led by Intel's Linux engineers, the upcoming Linux 6.2 kernel will feature more feature work around enabling Compress Express Link (CXL) functionality.

A lot of "for-6.2" material has been queuing in recent days within the CXL subsystem's Git codebase. Linux 6.1 is expected to be released one week from today and in turn will mark the start of the Linux 6.2 merge window where this CXL work and other feature additions will be submitted.

Among the CXL work that has been happening for Linux 6.2 includes support for CXL XOR Interleave Math (CXIMS), AER (Advanced Error Reporting) support for error handling, initial work around Persistent Memory Data-at-rest Security, and other improvements to this CXL software support that will play an important role with next-generation servers. Long story short, things continue moving along on the CXL enablement front for Linux and the work continues to be led by Intel's software engineers.


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