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Eleven severe vulnerabilities have been found in Chromium, including multiple Type Confusion bugs in V8, use-after-frees in Cast, Blink Task Scheduling and WebRTC, a heap buffer overflow in Visuals, out-of-bounds read and write in WebGL, out-of-bounds memory access in ANGLE, and insufficient data validation and inappropriate implementation in Extensions. These bugs have received a National Vulnerability Database severity rating of “High” due to their ease of exploitation and the significant threat they pose to impacted systems' confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

These issues have allowed a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap corruption and perform arbitrary read/write via a crafted HTML page. They also enabled an attacker who convinced a user to install a malicious extension to inject scripts or HTML into a privileged page via a crafted Chrome Extension. 

Important updates have been released for Chromium that fix these dangerous flaws. We urge all impacted users to apply the updates issued by Debian, Fedora and openSUSE to protect against potential security threats.

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