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It was discovered that the HAProxy load balancing reverse proxy incorrectly handled URI components containing the hash character (CVE-2023-45539). This vulnerability is very straightforward for a remote attacker to exploit and severely threatens impacted users’ sensitive information, making it among the worst bugs we’ve seen in a while!

How Do These Vulnerabilities Affect Linux Systems & What Can You Do to Stay Safe?


With over 44% of the proxy server market share, this flaw has a widespread impact on Linux users’ security. A remote attacker could easily exploit this bug to steal impacted users’ sensitive data.

An important HAProxy update has been released to mitigate this severe bug. Given this vulnerability's damaging repercussions on impacted systems, if left unpatched, we urge all affected users to apply the updates issued by DebianDebian LTSSUSE, and Ubuntu immediately to protect against data leakage.

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