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Today’s newsletter highlights our two most recent feature articles: Protect Your WordPress Sites with CrowdSec and Cybersecurity World Mourns Over Security Researcher Dan Kaminsky's Passing. We also examine various topics including an information disclosure vulnerability in the Linux kernel that can be exploited to leak data and Microsoft's purchase of Flatcar Linux distro maker Kinvolk to boost its Azure cloud services.

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Protect Your WordPress Sites with CrowdSec - The CrowdSec team is expanding the capabilities of their open-source and free security solution by finalizing the release of its brand new application bouncer on the WordPress marketplace.

Cybersecurity World Mourns Over Security Researcher Dan Kaminsky's Passing - On Saturday, April 24th, 2021, the computer security world was shaken by the news of the sudden death of Dan Kaminsky, a renowned hacker best known for his contributions in the realm of DNS security.

  Linux kernel bug opens door to all manner of attacks (Apr 30)

Security researchers have discovered an information disclosure vulnerability in the  Linux  kernel that can be exploited to leak data, at least on 32-bit Arm devices. A patch for the vulnerability has already been merged in the mainline kernel.

  Microsoft buys Linux distribution maker Kinvolk to boost Azure cloud services (Apr 30)

Microsoft has bought Flatcar Linux distro maker Kinvolk to boost its Azure cloud services. Kinvolk specializes in software container environments on Azure and other public clouds, and its Flatcar dristro packs multiple optimizations for running containerized applications, which can be run unchanged in across multiple computing environments.

  Researchers Uncover Stealthy Linux Malware That Went Undetected for 3 Years (Apr 29)

Researchers have discovered a dangerous strain of Linux malware Dubbed " RotaJakiro " that went undetected for three years, enabling its operators to harvest and exfiltrate sensitive data from infected systems.

  Linux kernel vulnerability exposes stack memory, causes data leaks (Apr 28)

An information disclosure vulnerability in the  Linux  kernel that exposes stack memory (tracked as  CVE-2020-28588 ) can be exploited to leak data and act as a springboard for further compromise.

  University of Minnesota researchers issue apology letter to the Linux community (Apr 26)

The researchers who prompted the University of Minnesota's ban from Linux kernel development are attempting to bury the hatchet, and have issued an apology letter to the Linux community.

  Minified Linux Offerings Boost Containers and Edge Processing (Apr 26)

Edge locations are often unstaffed, or staffed by technicians, and edge processing requires low maintenance solutions as a result of this. The industry is shifting in favor of a new generation of edge and IoT devices which are now generally capable of running standard versions of Linux.

  Shells makes using Linux in the cloud incredibly easy (Apr 27)

Looking for a versatile virtual Linux desktop or server host? Shells makes using Linux in the cloud incredibly easy.

  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 to focus on driving edge adoption (Apr 29)

Red Hat has announced new features that users can look forward to with the upcoming release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.4, many of which will benefit edge adoption.

  How to Generate Strong and Random PSK Keys on Linux (Apr 27)

Want to ensure your Linux PSKs are secure? Learn how to create a strong pre-shared key in Linux in this tutorial.

  KDE Gear 21.04 Software Suite Officially Released with Many Improved KDE Apps (Apr 28)

The KDE Project has released KDE Gear 21.04 as the new series of their open-source and independent software suite. The release comes with a selection of updates and improvements to make for a more convenient and secure user experience.