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Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 122

Mageia 2021-0008: dovecot security update


It was discovered that Dovecot incorrectly handled certain imap hibernation commands. A remote authenticated attacker could possibly use this issue to access other users’ email (CVE-2020-24386). Innokentii Sennovskiy discovered that Dovecot incorrectly handled MIME

Mageia 2021-0003: gdm security update


Kevin Backhouse discovered that GDM incorrectly launched the initial setup tool when the accountsservice daemon was not reachable. A local attacker able to cause accountsservice to crash or stop responding could trick GDM into launching the initial setup tool and create a privileged user (CVE-2020-16125).

Mageia 2021-0001: audacity security update


Audacity through 2.3.3 saves temporary files to /var/tmp/audacity-$USER by default. After Audacity creates the temporary directory, it sets its permissions to 755. Any user on the system can read and play the temporary audio .au files located there (CVE-2020-11867).

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