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Mageia 2021-0077: nethack security update


Updated nethack packages fix security vulnerabilities: NetHack 3.6.x before 3.6.4 is prone to a buffer overflow vulnerability when reading very long lines from configuration files. This affects systems that have NetHack installed suid/sgid, and shared systems that allow users to

Mageia 2021-0075: wpa_supplicant security update


A vulnerability was discovered in how wpa_supplicant processing P2P (Wi-Fi Direct) group information from active group owners. The actual parsing of that information validates field lengths appropriately, but processing of the parsed information misses a length check when storing a copy of the secondary device types. This can result in writing

Mageia 2021-0074: phppgadmin security update


phppgadmin through 7.12.1 allows sensitive actions to be performed without validating that the request originated from the application. One such area, database.php does not verify the source of an HTTP request. This can be leveraged by a remote attacker to trick a logged-in administrator to visit a malicious page with a CSRF exploit and execute arbitrary system commands on the

Mageia 2021-0072: tomcat security update


When serving resources from a network location using the NTFS file system it was possible to bypass security constraints and/or view the source code for JSPs in some configurations. The root cause was the unexpected behaviour of the JRE API File.getCanonicalPath() which in turn was caused by the inconsistent behaviour of the Windows API (FindFirstFileW) in some circumstances

Mageia 2021-0070: mutt security update


It was discovered that Mutt incorrectly handled certain email messages. An attacker could possibly use this issue to cause a denial of service because rfc822.c in Mutt through 2.0.4 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (mailbox unavailability) by sending email messages with sequences of semicolon characters in RFC822 address fields (aka terminators of empty groups).

Mageia 2021-0069: nodejs security update


Node.js versions before 10.23.1, 12.20.1, 14.15.4, 15.5.1 are vulnerable to a use-after-free bug in its TLS implementation. When writing to a TLS enabled socket, node::StreamBase::Write calls node::TLSWrap::DoWrite with a freshly allocated WriteWrap object as first argument. If the DoWrite method does not return an error, this object is passed back to the caller as part of a

Mageia 2021-0068: nodejs-ini security update


It was discovered that there was an issue in nodejs-ini, where an application could be exploited by a malicious input file. This affects the package ini before 1.3.6. If an attacker submits a malicious INI file to an application that parses it with ini.parse, they will pollute the prototype on the application. This can be exploited further depending on the context

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