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OpenSSF Membership Exceeds 100, With Many New Members Dedicated to Securing Open Source Software


The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a cross-industry organization hosted at the Linux Foundation that brings together the world’s most important software supply chain security initiatives, today announced many new members from leading technology firms in sectors that span software development, cybersecurity, data science, platform-as-a-service, semiconductors, finance, think tanks, academics, and more, bringing the total number of OpenSSF members to over 100.

Enterprise Encryption for Linux


It's no secret that the IT department has struggled with encryption for Linux devices many years due to a gap in the management and compliance capability available in their current Linux solution sets.

OpenSSF Announces Project for Open Source Security


OpenSSF is excited to announce the Alpha-Omega Project to improve the security posture of open source software (OSS) through direct engagement of software security experts and automated security testing. Microsoft and Google are supporting the Alpha-Omega Project with an initial investment of $5 million.

What to watch for as 'Hacker Summer Camp' gets underway in Las Vegas


A trio of cybersecurity conferences — BSidesLV, Black Hat USA and DEF CON — kicks off this week in Las Vegas in what’s collectively known as Hacker Summer Camp, bringing together policymakers, executives, experts, hackers and enthusiasts against a backdrop of some of the most unsettled international events of recent years. 

Google just tripled its bounty for Linux kernel bugs. Here's why


Linux is everywhere and it needs extra protection, according to Google. "We are constantly investing in the security of the Linux Kernel because much of the internet, and Google – from the devices in our pockets, to the services running on Kubernetes in the cloud – depend on the security of it," said Eduardo Vela from the Google Bug Hunters Team.

SPDX becomes internationally recognized standard


In use for a decade as the de facto standard for communicating software bills of materials, The Linux Foundation has announced that the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) specification has been published as ISO/IEC 5962:2021 and recognized as the open standard for security, license compliance and other software supply chain artifacts.