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Linux Foundation raises $10M to support open-source security project


The Linux Foundation has raised $10 million in new investments to expand and support its Open Source Security Foundation project. “This industrywide commitment is answering the call from the White House to raise the baseline for our collective cybersecurity well-being, as well as ‘paying it forward’ to open source communities to help them create secure software from which we all benefit,” Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation, said in a statement.  “With the tremendous growth and pervasiveness of open source software, building cybersecurity practices and programs that scale is our biggest task at hand.”

"pkill_on_warn" Proposed For Killing Linux Processes That Cause A Kernel Warning


Security researcher and Linux kernel contributor Alexander Popov has proposed a new kernel option called "pkill_on_warn" that would kill all threads in a process if that process provoked a kernel warning. This wouldn't change the default kernel behavior but if/when the patch is merged, booting the kernel with pkill_on_warn=1 would enable this new behavior to kill processes causing kernel warnings.