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Technology and Policymakers


Technology should not be separated from policy; however, in reality there is very little intersection between the two. "Policymakers need to recognize this danger, and to welcome a new generation of technologists to help solve the socio-technical policy problems of the 21st century. We need to create ways to speak tech to power -- and power needs to open the door and let technologists in." Read more about this issue and how it can be remedied in a great Schneier on Security article:

Report: The Government and Tech Need to Cooperate on AI


America’s national security depends on the government getting access to the artificial intelligence breakthroughs made by the technology industry.So says areportsubmitted to Congress on Monday by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.It also warns that AI-enhanced national security apparatus like autonomous weapons and surveillance systems will raise ethical questions. Learn more in an interesting Wired article:

Mozilla Urges Facebook and Google to Pause Political Ads


The Mozilla Foundation and a group of rights groups and non-profits have penned an open letter to Facebook and Google urging them to halt political advertising until after the upcoming UK General Election due to concerns about disinformation, lack of transparency and the data that is being used to target these ads. What is your opinion on this? We'd love to have a discussion. Learn more:

Pentagon publishes AI guidelines


As the specter of killer warrior robots looms large, the Pentagon has published a set of ethical guidelines for its use of artificial intelligence. It’s a document designed to guide the use of AI in both combat and non-combat military scenarios. Learn more about these guidelines for the use of AI:

Russia’s sovereign internet law comes into force


The Russian government calls it the “sovereign internet” law and from 1 November it compels the country’s ISPs to forward all data arriving and departing from their networks through special gateway servers. What are your thoughts on this new form of government surveillance? Let's have a discussion. Learn more in a great Naked Security article: