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20 Years of DDoS


In this article, Dave Dittrich discusses the buildup to his discovery of DDoS attacks 20 years ago. I was inspired to start a series of articles on the early history of DDoS by a few recent events. Rik Farrow interviewed me for a forthcoming issue (Fall 2019 Vol. 44, No. 3) ofUsenix;login:magazine while I was also writing up ahistory of the early days of the Honeynet Project, which refreshed my memory on a number of events in 1999-2000. I also read this MIT Technology Review article on the 20th anniversary of the “first DDoS attack” on the University of Minnesota It took me a little while to remember that July 22wasnotthe first of the three days that the University of Minnesota spent off-line from persistent flooding. That happened almost a month later. Nor was July 22 even thestart of the build upto that event. Now seemed like a good time to clarify this history.

BBC: Russia is working on a Tor de-anonymization project


Have you heard that hackers havestolen a massive trove of sensitive data and defaced the website of SyTech, a major contractor working for Russian intelligence agency FSB (Federal Security Service)? BBC Russia, which reported the breach, said âitâs possible that this is the largest data leak in the history of the work of Russian special services on the Internet.â The documents included descriptions of dozens of internal projects the company was working on, including ones on de-anonymization of users of the Tor browser and researching the vulnerability of torrents.

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