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Hardening Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Environments


Kubernetes has quickly become a de facto tool within enterprise software development environments, enabling DevOps engineers to scale large numbers of containers. And recent cybersecurity hardening guidelines laid out by the NSA and CISA indicate that adoption of Kubernetes has reached critical mass. But this surge in adoption also can introduce many new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations which, if left unchecked, could put many organizations at risk.

NSA on How to Harden Kubernetes


The NSA - the maker of the original secure Linux (SELinux) - has written guidelines on how to secure video conferencing, text chatting, and collaboration tools; and now explains how to harden Kubernetes against attackers.

Securing Kubernetes at the Infrastructure Level


Infrastructure security is important to get right so that attacks can be prevented—or, in the case of a successful attack, damage can be minimized. It is especially important in a Kubernetes environment because, by default, a large number of Kubernetes configurations are not secure. Learn how to secure Kubernetes at the infrastructure level.

Kubernetes security will have a breakout year in 2022


While it’s come a long way over the past year, Kubernetes security has not yet reached maturity. But judging from the level of investment in 2021 into technologies for securing Kubernetes — the now-dominant container orchestration platform — enterprises can expect major advancements in the area during the coming year.

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