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How Kali Linux creators plan to handle the future of penetration testing


Offensive Security might best known as the company behind Kali Linux, the popular (and free) open-source pen testing platform, but its contribution to the information security industry is definitely not limited to it. According to Offensive Security CEO Ning Wang, "The company’s main goal, according to her, is to train millions of professionals to embrace the hacker mindset and the essential ethical hacking skills needed to break into and to succeed within the cybersecurity industry."

CentOS Linux 8 will end in 2021 and shifts focus to CentOS Stream


The free ride is over for CentOS users. Red Hat has announced that it is shifting its focus to CentOS Stream - the upstream branch of RHEL, and support for CentOS Linux 8 will end in 2021. According to Red Hat, "CentOS Stream will be getting fixes and features ahead of RHEL. Generally speaking, we expect CentOS Stream to have fewer bugs and more runtime features than RHEL until those packages make it into the RHEL release."

System76 to Launch Their First AMD-Only “Pangolin” Linux Laptop


System76 has hinted at the upcoming launch of the AMD-only “Pangolin” Linux laptop powered by AMD Ryzen 4000 series of processors and featuring integrated AMD Radeon graphics. System76 hasn't said when their AMD-only Pangolin laptop will be available, but we're willing to bet it will come just in time for the Christmas holiday - in case you were planning on buying a powerful, fast Linux laptop for one of your loved ones.

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