FREE COURSE: Hack yourself first (before the bad guys do)

    Date06 Aug 2015
    CategoryLatest News
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    If you can't think like a hacker, it's difficult to defend against them. Such is the premise of this free, nine-part online course, presented by Computerworld and training company Pluralsight, about how to go on the cyber-offensive by using some of the same techniques and tools the bad guys do. This course comes at security from the view of the attacker in that their entry point is typically the browser. They have a website they want to probe for security risks -- and now you can learn how they go about it. This approach helps IT managers and staffers, developers and others to begin immediately assessing their applications even when the apps are already running in a live environment without access to the source. After all, that's what the attackers are doing.
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